“BON VIVANT @ Co” café – bar, Piraeus
STUDY PERIOD: 05/2016 – 07/2016
CONSTRUCTION PERIOD: 07/2016 - 10/2016

The project concerns the exterior and interior architectural design of a two-story café-bar, which also serves small gourmet meals. The area of the ground level is 36,94m2 with a façade of 5,65m, and the area of the 1st floor is 54,00m2. The two levels communicate with each other through an internal staircase.
Design influences of French bistro are apparent when looking the façade as well as the interior design style, material and color palette. Special attention is given to the façade openings, which during the summer era allow a close relation to the small garden of the business center, with a view to softly reaching out the public space, defining an interesting continuum with the private space of the café-bar.

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