poster, "Decoding the Antikythera Mechanism. Science and technology in ancient Greece”, International Conference in Athens, 2006 (english)

Mixed Reality has many applications in archaeology and cultural heritage, especially on occasions where a restoration was to be implemented. The study and presentation of archaeological findings in Mixed Reality has been augmented with further information, e.g. virtual objects, text, graphics, annotations, sound, speech. Semi-destroyed findings or even entire sites can be dynamically restored, studied and presented in real time. Mixed Reality also offers many alternative reconstructions of the same archaeological finding, that the user can view only, or even become part of the presentation.
Antikythera Mechanism is an object of great complexity, of which some fragments only survived. It appears thus a good case for Mixed Reality applications.
KEYWORDS: Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Antikythera Mechanism, archaeological restoration.

Kolsouzoglou Anthony, Veneris Yannis

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